Eric, Anew

Today was a good day.

It's almost time for my third wedding anniversary. ?This also marks three years since our little accident while on our honeymoon - the one where I lost control of my wife's SUV and rolled it into it's side in the ditch in the middle of US 40. ?In the snow. ?Yeah, that one.

After that accident, my father, brother, and I replaced a smashed-in door with one from a junk yard. ?It was at that time that I first thought about fixing something that had been disfunctional on Jill's car since I'd known her - some of the dashboard switches.

After pulling off the center piece that holds in the stereo as well as several of the vehicle functions, I found that things that didn't work, such as 4-wheel drive and the rear defroster, were simply unplugged. ?I fixed the 4-wheel drive, cigarette lighter, and the rear defroster, but never could get the rear window wiper to come on.

I took the thing out in hopes of finding a replacement. ?I checked with the local auto parts stores, with no luck. ?I checked the Internet, also without luck. ?I even checked with the local Ford parts dealer, who pulled from the centralized warehouse in the state (where all the dealers pull from), and they couldn't find it.

Sadly, I gave up.

On our one-year honeymoon, the very same stretch of road where we'd flipped the year before was terribly snow-covered one night. ?I drove the car around 15MPH over the 13-15 mile section between Park City, UT and Heber City, UT. ?We were both mortified that we might have the same accident (but this time at night). ?I drove for two hours, my knuckles white from gripping the steering wheel. ?Jill did similarly from the passenger seat. ?While the trip was one of the most trying things I ever had to do, that incident proved to me just how much the rear window wiper is needed on the early 90s Ford Explorers. ?After finally getting into town, I stopped at a gas station and scraped off about an inch of snow from the window.

So, this year, knowing that we might be in the same area, in similar weather conditions (we chose not to go last year), I decided it would be good to see if I could get it working. ?So I popped off the center console (two screws and a little tugging), found the switch from it's hiding place in the armrest, twisted the stem to make sure it still turned, and plugged it in.


Holy crap, the thing came to life. ?The same part that hadn't worked about three years ago suddenly worked fine. ?I was so excited I ran inside to get Jill, who thought I had seen some sort of real-life Jackalope or something by my level of excitement. ?I fix things around the house all the time, the last being a garbage disposal that was leaking through the electrical portion. ?But for some reason, I felt like I'd accomplished the feat of a lifetime.

The feeling was so strong that it lasted throughout the rest of the day. ?I felt like I could do anything: fix the car, repair the house, put a shower in the downstairs bathroom, or even build an addition to the house. ?It even went so far as to make me excited to cook dinner (which I often do, but this time I wanted to try something new) and to sit down and write.

Most of you who once read my blog are now gone. ?In fact, only a few of you remain. ?That is my own fault. ?But you know what? ?I think I needed it. ?I spent almost a decade without writing, and when I went back to it I was energized - just as I was today, fixing a three-year-old problem with Jill's car. ?This week, a group of writers I contributed with on a project that was known as The Sugar Beet, decided to start working on a second book (the first can be found here). ?Over the last month, I've been doing some preliminary brainstorming with a friend from work on a screenplay for a TV sitcom we've talked about developing for a couple of years now. ?And on top of that, I'm writing a novel in my spare time, of which I am on chapter four now.

I can't remember the last time I've been so energized. ?For the first time in a long time - perhaps the first time ever - I feel as if I can take on the world. ?Scratch that - not only can I take on the world, I WILL take on the world. ?This is finally my time.

Sorry to say, don't expect much from me on the blog. ?Maybe something here or there. ?If you've followed me over the years, you know my track record. ?What can I say? ?In some ways, the blog is in the past. ?There is much more in the future.

If friends or family are interested in reading some of my writing while it's being developed, send me an email. ?You know how to reach me.